How long does microblading last?
Microblading can start to fade after 12 months and I would recommend that in order to keep your brows looking fresh to have them topped up every year. Everyone is different and some skins retain pigment better than others so it is not possible to guarantee how long the results will last.

Brows are usually fully healed in about 6 weeks, after this you will come back for your colour top up. For best results and to avoid being charged full price for a full set of brows, please come back whilst the pigment is still visible.

How long does the treatment take?
The initial procedure will take 3hrs. Once the eyebrows are fully healed (which is usually around 6 weeks), a second appointment is required for the colour top up which can take up to 2.5hrs. Dependant on if the pigment does not take to the skin, a 3rd appointment might be necessary but not usually required.

Does the procedure hurt?
Many clients are pleasantly surprised. I use a topical anaesthetic cream prior to and throughout the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Everyone’s different, some people find it more uncomfortable than others. But I ensure the procedure to be as pain free as possible.

How long does the procedure take to heal?
Initially after the treatment your eyebrows will appear darker this is completely normal, and the colour will soften over the next 6 weeks. Please ensure that your follow the aftercare instructions we discussed as it is important these are adhered to.

Your eyebrows will change colour and look like they have faded but this is completely normal. Scabs will begin to form (please do not pick), this could cause the pigment to be lost. We all heal differently so please do not worry if your brows take longer than others.

Do I need a patch test?
Yes. All clients will need to come and see me for a patch test at least 48-72 hours prior to the treatment. This would be done at the same time as the client medical card is filled in. If there is no adverse reaction within 2 days, the treatment can be performed.

How is the pigment colour selected?
I closely match the colour of your eyebrows. I will apply a small amount of pigment to your forehead and select the best match to your skin tone. It is always best to go more natural as we can always add more colour at the top up session. Once I am happy with my colour choice, I will get you to approve.

What pigment do you use?
Krema Kroma ultra HD pigments for long last effects. 80% colour retention, no discolouration, vegan and gluten free. Please have a look for yourself – www.krema-kroma.co.uk

How do you work out the shape of my eyebrow?
I will measure out and design, considering your face shape, facial features and symmetry. Each client is completely bespoke. Once both parties agree the procedure will take place.

Is there anything I need to avoid after the treatment?
Please follow the aftercare leaflet provided.

Are there any age restrictions?
Yes. All clients will need to be over 18 years of age.

Can I have the treatment if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?
No, in case of infection. Although, there is no proven scientific evidence. It would be at the clients risk.

Are there any products that I should avoid using?
Do not use bleaching creams, chemicals or other exfoliating products containing retinal, acid fruits or other exfoliating and whitening substances. They will adversely affect the colour and could result in premature ageing of the tattoos appearance.

Where is best to park?
My studio is based at Sahara Tanning and you will  find a nearby pay and display car park in Middle Street, BN43 5DP which allows you to park for up to 4 hours so plenty of time for the treatment.

Factors that can cause Microblading to fade quickly

  • Over exposure to the sun and using no sun protection

  • Excessive exfoliants and chemical peels

  • Exposure to saltwater

  • Smoking

  • Iron deficiency

  • Medications

  • Oiliness to the skin

  • If the correct aftercare has not been followed

What to expect after the treatment…

There will be a small amount of redness and inflammation. You may notice and small amount of clear fluid on the treatment area, this is lymph and is perfectly normal and should expect to subside within a few days of the treatment.

Slight itching and or sensitivity is normal, if there is any unpleasant smell or increased sensitivity and burning please let me know immediately and seek medical advice.



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